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Question - Is Covid going away after the vaccine? 

No, We will have many cases of "Long Covid", Mutant Variants of the virus will continue to circulate.  Please remember this is Not the first pandemic and this will NOT be the last one. We need to adopt new education methods with time.

Question - When are schools reopening?

We are guessing between March and June. This is just our guess. 

Question -  Preparing Re-Opening of schools

We need to prepare many things before the re-opening of the school 


  1. We need to start taking inquiry, registrations, admissions online
  2. We need to prepare Rules and Regulations for Covid safety guidelines
  3. We need to prepare Learning materials 
  4. We need to prepare online exams questions 
  5. We need to send News/Notice/Messages to class 10th and 12th students about board exams     
  6. Generate Report cards 


Question -  How will schools be reopened? 

1. On-line classes are not going away. We still need to support Online classes as per safety guidelines and the need of students.

2. Student Attendance will not be daily. 

3. Students will be asked for self-study through the Learning Management System

4. Students will sit six feet apart in classrooms so we may need to limit students in a classroom 

5. School may run in 2 shifts. This will add extra work for teachers so we need to keep using Homework, Classwork, Learning Materials, Off-line Exam, On-line Exams to save time and effort of teachers.   

 6. School bags will be discouraged or limited in weight. This means we need to keep using Online homework, classwork, Assessment, Lesson plan and other modules.  

 8. Communication with students and parents is super important and it needs to be frequent about School Safety guidelines, any emergency announcement 

9. Create Saftey Guidelines for student, staff, Transport Buses and visitors 

10. Set-up Emergency Number of school. 

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