There is NO specific rules to create a quality academic content. 
We simply needs to be 

1. Creative 

2. Build simple content 

3. Use the right tools

4. Limit distractions

5. Stay focused on a topic from start to finish


1. Create a you-tube channel. upload videos and make your videos "Unlisted"

2. Translate English text here - 

3. Record screen of your phone or laptop through -  to create a video 

4. Record audio classes online or in your phone. You can use -   to record audio online. 

5. Use your phone to take photo of your raw notes, concept images 

6. Mark school logo in your video, images, documents and text content . We will do in future for you. 


1. YouTube video needs to be unlisted on YouTube  to protect privacy of your videos 

2. Mark your school logo in all images and videos. 

3. Copyright instructions in the bottom of page for all content documents.