This Article is for teachers

1. All subject teachers need to schedule online class for their desired class, subject, date and time

2. Send a message about scheduled class  through bulk SMS, Chat module, news, notice, school website or through social website 

3. Open zoom Phone App 5 minutes before scheduled class

  1. Test your internet speed, webcam, audio device, noise in your room. 
  2. Connect with your camera and Audio device        
  3. Get ready with your classwork, homework in scientific study phone app for sharing 

4. Your First Class

  1. Introduce students about online teaching and Learning 
  2. Discuss class etiquette and expectations of the students
  3. Instruct students - How to ask a question

5. Set Agenda of your class

Your Learning topic needs to be very precised, crystal and clear. Create classwork, homework before your class so you can share same with students

5. Look at the camera to create eye contact with your students. 

6. Speak slowly and refer same on your screen 

7. Keep question and Answer session at the end of class

8. Mute all students 

9. Take attendance of students on chat module of Scientific Study or ZOOM chat screen 

10. Turn off video of all students to save bandwidth 

11. Close all other apps before class. c

12. Ask students to raise their hands in Zoom App or message in chat for their questions.