This Article is for school management, owner and principal

1. Bring all students online 

  • We suggest school principal to record a personal video message about online teaching. Upload on your school you tube channel.  Update the video link in your School account. Send a message about this video to all parents. 

  • Send  Web / Phone app credentials (User ID & Password) to all parents through Scientific study School Account. 

  • Designate a school staff to make sure all students are logged in phone app

2. Send a notice to all students about online class

  • Ask students to download Zoom Phone app in their laptops/ phone

  • Instruct students to come online at scheduled time for classes

  • Instruct parents to check Phone app chat messages frequently

3. Instruct all teaching staff to start using "Scientific Study" APP and Zoom account

  • Train staff about Scientific study App 

  • Train staff about Zoom Phone app

  • Instruct staff to chat with students on a daily basis

  • Instruct staff to answer all questions of student in chat module 

  • Request staff to start creating Classwork and Homework in APP. 

  • Create Lesson plan in advance 

  • Create online exams in ERP

4. Review usage of scientific study phone app by parents and staff 


 Review usage of phone app by parents and staff on weekly basis.